Arducam Mega - Receiving image data through Serial

Hi, i am very happy with the various Arducam Mega cameras that I got from the kickstarter campaign. They work as I wished and i am diving deeper into the programming.

I use an ESP32 with the “full_feature” example. I am able to send various commands to the registers through Serial communication. Now, I am receiving a stream of image data, but i can not decode the data properly.

As far as I understand, the received image data is somewhat like: FF AA + COMMAND + IMAGELENGTH + IMAGEDATA + FILLER 00 + FF BB

But there are no starting/ending marks for the jpeg. neither can i see any metadata.

Here is a shortened example where the captured 96x96px JPG image should be mostly black.

  1. Can you point me to the right direction where I can find the documentation on the image data?

  2. Did you publish the source-code of the Arducam Mega GUI somewhere? (I took the win exe from here: Release Arducam mega sdk v2.0.4 · ArduCAM/Arducam_Mega · GitHub)

  3. I am receiving the shown binary data with a python script and want to save/view the image within python. is there some kind of example for that?

Thanks for your interest of Arducam mega.
For the jpeg image, the image header is ''FF D8" and the image end is “FF D9”, which is a standard
jpeg image protocol.
About the GUI source code, sorry to tell you we just release close source version.
About a python script and want to save/view the image. I think the openCV is your best choise.
Feel free to let me know if you need more help.

Okay, thanks for the clarification. I indeed managed to receive the mentioned jpeg header and tail.

I did a little bit of messing with network monitoring and have a related question. Your provided GUI is sending the following command when connecting to the camera :

55 ff aa followed by three or four times 55 0f aa
According to your documentation Host communication protocol
the 55 ** aa are the required format (head - command - tail)

What is the first command 55 ff aa for ?

About the 55 FF, this is our host communication protocol.This is our new protocol. We will update here as soon as possible.
For the detail, please refer to :