Arducam IoTAI ESP32 UNO UC716 REV A

jpegHello, I am trying to install my ArduCam IoTAI ESP-cam and no tutorial I’ve tried will work from the tutorials and videos. I have not been able to get anything but some demo examples from Arduino IDE to upload to it, but then it doesn’t make the camera work. it still just sits there. I have downloaded Git, Arducam and everything I can find. Is there someone here that is good at troubleshooting? Really need to get about 5 cameras going in the next few days. I have the ESP32-CAM, I have the ArduCam that Im talking about here, I have the OV7670 that I’d like to use and I have a different camera on the way as well. Thanks in advance. Jeffrey


The Arduino IDE example is just a demonstration of the basic features. If it doesn’t make the camera work, you can take a screenshot of the error message from the serial port, we will help you to solve it.If you want deeper applications, you need to develop on the esp-idf development environment.

Thanks for the help and advice. I’ll look on the ESP IDF and try to get it going there. Thanks again.

You are welcome. Let me know if you need more help.