ArduCam IMX219 and IMX477 NOT working at same board

Hello guys, I wanted to share a problem I found out just a few minutes ago.
I received 3 different model of the CSI Camera
IMX219 (B0183) IMX219 (B0191) I was able to run my software with those cameras without any problems and without additions installation. Just out of the box. As soon a I powered the Nano I check ls /dev/vid* and I could see a video device. So while those weer working I wanted to try out my third model I purchased :
IMX477 (B024902) Therefore I had to install a driver. I installed the driver before I was to connect the camera and wanted to check if it will affect the both other cameras I already had working.
After the completing installation with following script I wanted to check the IMX219 cameras and my board did not recognize the IMX219 cameras anymore.
So I have to run them on different boards.

Hi @theofila

Yes, versions prior to L4T32.6.1 only support one camera per driver.
If you want to mix the use of cameras, please use the L4T32.6.1 version of the system: