Arducam ESP32 UNO and FTP client/server

Hi Arduam staff,
I I just bought an Arducam mini 5mp plus and I connected it to an olimex poe board (ESP 32 MCU).
I get it correctly working following the capture example end redirect the snapshot to the embedded http server.
Now i want to make the image available in the esp32 FTP server or send the image using an Esp32 FTP client. How can achieve this ?
Do you have some example to follow by starting and modifying the Arducam_Esp32_Capture example you provide?

Pleasse help me in order to understand how to do.
Thanks a lot.

Dear all,
do you have some example running with SFTP server/client and Arducam SPI camera with ESP32 technologies?
When I try to import the ftp client (esp32_ftpclient - Arduino Reference ) iside the arducam caputure example i have a lot of compiling error maybe because they refer to different esp core library.
Could you support on this?

a lot

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Dear Nico,
Arducam_Esp32_Capture demo is a tcp server demo, at present, we don’t have SFTP server/client, sorry about that. Our mainly work is to help user how to drive arducam spi camera on esp32 platform and building web serves is not our strong suit. Feel free to let mem knwo if you need more help.