Arducam B0201 manual settings give different results

We have 3 B0201 cams that give different results for white balance. When 1 camera needs WB temp setting of 4600 another needs 6400 to get the same result. Also, setting the exposure manually leads to very different results even with the same camera. When a setting of 50 gives a good picture, after a while we have to adjust it to 150 to get the same result. Otherwise the picture is almost black. Sometimes it helps to switch to automatic exposure and back to manual to get a good picture again, sometimes the only way is to disconnect and connect the USB again to restore the correct exposure. This happens with all three cameras. We are using the cameras on Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04.

Any idea why we get totally different results from day to day with exactly the same manual settings?



Sorry to hear that. The phenomenon is very strange. As normal, if you disable the auto exposure mode. After you set the exposure manually, it will not change. Unless the current environment changes. I will cc the issue to sensor factory.

Please attach me some detail pictures of the camera.

Please look at the following screenshots:

The first is when the camera has been on for three days.

The next when the same camera has been disconnected for 30 seconds and reconnected again.

As you can see the settings are the same but the picture is a lot lighter. All other conditions are exactly the same.

The next picture is with another camera in the same conditions that has the white balance shifted to red. In order to get the same colors as the first camera we have to adjust the white balance temp from 4600 to 3200. Or adjust the white balance temp for the first camera to 6400.

We expect that all cameras give the same results when used with the same manual settings.


Hello, Thanks for your detail information. It is very strange.

Please attach me your camera’s hardware picture and I will test it as your step.


Could you please explain what you mean by ‘hardware picture’?

How we mounted the camera?

Or the electric connection?


Hi, I just want to see your camera’s product picture. because we have two kinds camera called B0201

Ok, here’s a picture from front and back:

OK, thank you very much for your pictures. Regarding the different WB issues, it may be that the lenses are different. Can you double check whether the three cameras are exactly the same?including the baseboard and lens.

Regarding the issue of different exposure effects of the same camera, I have already reported to the original manufacturer.

Picture from the back and the front camera 2.


As you can see the cameras are exactly the same. The lens is also the same. They are mounted in the same way and the software used is the same. These are the two camera’s with the color difference. In the mean time camera 1 switched to a dark picture again after running for a couple of hours. This time it could be fixed by switching the exposure to automatic and then back to manual.

Hope you can find a solution for us.

OK, thanks for your patience. I am waiting for the original manufacturer’s reply.


I have a similar problem with Arducam ar0230 cameras. Setting the same parameters on two cameras, results in two completely different image results. Setting exposure_auto = 0, white_balance_automatic=0 does not improve the result. Setting both cameras back to exposure_auto=1 resulted in the cameras now working completely differently.

How do I revert back to the original parameters?

How should I change the parameter settings?

So far I have used the example command:
v4l2-ctl -d 0 -c exposure=700

How do the settings: bypass_mode and override_enable work? What do they change?