Arducam Autofocus Camera for Raspberry Pi 4


I’m using a Raspi 4 only to run Octoprint for my 3D printer. I’m have a pi cam Module V2.1 and I’m not happy with the lens. This is a nightmare to manage the focus of this tiny lens.

I’d like to know if I use the Arducam Autofocus Camera for Raspberry Pi 4 lens on my module V2.1, if the auto focus is working natively since I dont have Raspbian installed (only Octoprint without a keyboard).

I can connect my pi on ssh if needed.

Do you have more info about it please?

Thank you very much



We have not tested our camera using Octoprint system. In fact, our focus lens just need to use i2c0 bus. I think it should work on octoprint system.


Hi, I’m wondering if the lens from the autofocus module can be replaced with a different one, is there a possibility to disassemble this module? What is the travel range of the lens inside the module? Thank you


Lens and sensor are integrated, so it is difficult to disassemble.

I fact, the travel range of the lens inside the module is very short, only about 1 mm.

The closest focus range is 4-5 cm. The farthest focus range is infinity.



ok, thank you

Hi again. Could you please advise if I can use B0122 AF module with raspberry pi 4 straightaway or do I need to buy some addtitinal wires for connecting AF lens? Do you have the same module, but without any IR filter? Thank you


About lens order’s detail information, please contact our [email protected] .

Let me know if you need more help.