Arducam_64mp RPi Ubuntu-Mate

Good Morning all,

I am considering the arducam_64mp for use with my CNC router. I have a couple of compatibility questions I am hoping i can get answers for.

My configuration is as follows.
RPi CM4 mounted on a Waveshare CM4-IO-BASE-B board.
The CM4 is the model with 8GB of ram and wireless.
The system is booting and running from a 256GB NVME disk connected to the CM4-IO-BASE-B board.
The Rpi is running Ubuntu-Mate 22.04(fully operational).

My question is if this configuration will support and operate the arducam_64mp.

Thank you



I’m sorry, but this is not supported. We are not compatible with Waveshare products.

I have a similar question but I am just trying to hook up the 64mp camera directly to the RPi 4 running Ubuntu-Mate. Is this possible?



sorry, Ubuntu-Mate is not supported, we have not adapted it, currently only Bullseye system is supported