Arducam 64MP Raspberry Pi 4B 1080p60

Question about 1080p60 frames, how can I setup on raspberry pi 60 frame rates? The manual says that using 60 frames at 1080x1920 is possible only with the camera module, but how do I understand what it is and how can I combine it with my raspberry pi?


It should be the default, it has been written in the camera configuration, no need to set it. What problem did you find, please explain in as much detail as possible.

As you can see in the screenshot, there are two options. One of them, Video mode on raspberry pi and the other Video mode on camera module. On raspberry it offers a maximum of 30 fps video but on the camera module you can put 1080p60. So the question is, how do these two columns differ and is it possible to set 60 fps at 1080 on a raspberry?

Raspi HW encoder for h264 can support at most 1920x1080@30fps. So, you could probably capture at higher speed, but only for local rendering.


Thank you for helping me explain.

As kmaucxzu said, the Raspberry Pi’s hardware encoding supports up to 1080P30Fps