Arducam 64mp camera black screen

No matter what i do I can NOT get the camera to work. I have followed all the steps in the manual and the steps from Edward… If I try libcamera-hello it just says “no camera connected”. has anyone had the same issue or is my camera dead?

Can you give relevant screenshots, about libcamera-still?

As per the previous post… i emailed in the images however i can post in here as well…

It doesn’t look like the camera is broken, please give me more details

cat /proc/cpuinfo
cat /etc/os-release
cat /boot/config.txt
ls /dev/video*
dpkg -l | grep libcamera

I have manage to get an image from the camera on a new clean install, but i will need to install klipper and hope it still works. is the camera capable of streaming instead of single image?

Per your previous, message, after thinking I had it working… please find attached the data you asked for

Everything looks fine, can’t you still find the camera?