ArduCam 64MP autofocus speed


I wonder how long should it normally take for Arducam 64Mp camera to focus on objects? Mine is currently taking around 7 sec, which is significantly slower than module 3 camera. Is there any method to accelerate this process? For instance, can we obtain the camera lens position or other parameters that the camera has when it’s focused and changing these parameters manually to accelerate the focus process?


This is because our 64mp still uses cdaf and has not been updated to the latest pdaf. Our new pdaf is in beta stage and will be released in the future, if you want to know the progress, you can contact the relevant people: Contact Arducam - Arducam

Hi Edward

Is there any method currently available to accelerate the focus speed?


Sorry, there is no better way now.

Is it possible to have slow focus on the first run and store all the parameters (lens position and etc), then manually changing the camera values to these saved parameters in the future when facing the same object to accelerate the focus speed? I’m using the camera to do repetitive task, so it’s ok that the first run takes longer to focus, but I really want to avoid every subsequent photo taking so long to focus.


If that’s the case, you can try adjusting the focus manually.

Then you can set the value of manual focus in your program. After turning on the camera, use: v4l2-ctl -d /dev/v4l-subdev1 -c [name]=[value]

Use v4l2-ctl -d /dev/v4l-subdev1 -l to view the control name

Hi Edward

Thanks for your answer, but I guess my question wasn’t clear enough.

I’m wondering if I can use autofocus on my first run, so after the camera focuses using autofocus, I can access the inner parameters of camera focus value and store them? I don’t know what the parameters that tunes the focus in Arducam are, but there has to be some kind of values which are constantly adjusted to make the camera focus. Afte obtaining such values, then I can use manual focus to change the camera focus values to previously stored values to avoid autofocusing everytime. Is this feasible?

I read the source code, the focal length value is directly set into the camera after calculation, there is no place to store it. So this idea may not be possible to realize.

Like my previous answer, you can use our manual focus program to confirm a certain value, and then set this value.