Arducam 64mp and imx512 on a single CM4. Is it possible?


Is it possible to have connected both 64mp and imx512 cameras to CM4 at the same time?
At least I have no luck connecting it.

My setup:
imx512 connected to cam0
arducam_64mp connected to cam1

I use CM4 IO board. Jumpers J6 are shortened.

I can see only imx512 camera, but not arducam_64mp.

$ dmesg | grep imx
[    8.756130] imx519: loading out-of-tree module taints kernel.
[    9.270692] imx519 0-001a: Device found is imx519
[    9.280772] imx519 0-001a: Consider updating driver imx519 to match on endpoints
[    9.755686] imx519 10-001a: failed to read chip id 519, with error -5
[    9.777164] imx519: probe of 10-001a failed with error -5

$ dmesg | grep arducam
[    6.052881] i2c i2c-10: of_i2c: Failure registering /soc/i2c0mux/[email protected]/[email protected]
[    6.052925] i2c i2c-10: Failed to create I2C device for /soc/i2c0mux/[email protected]/[email protected]

$ libcamera-still --list-cameras
Available cameras
0 : imx519 [4656x3496] (/base/soc/i2c0mux/[email protected]/[email protected])
    Modes: 'SRGGB10_CSI2P' : 1280x720 [120.00 fps - (1048, 1042)/2560x1440 crop]
                             1920x1080 [60.05 fps - (408, 674)/3840x2160 crop]
                             2328x1748 [30.00 fps - (0, 0)/4656x3496 crop]
                             3840x2160 [18.00 fps - (408, 672)/3840x2160 crop]
                             4656x3496 [9.00 fps - (0, 0)/4656x3496 crop]

If this is possible, then how should I configure it?
Thank you!

Never mind. Somehow a camera decided to die. It works with another camera.
Short answer: yes, it’s possible to combine both 16mp and 64mp cameras.