Arducam 1MP*4 Quadrascopic Camera Bundle Kit - splitting video


Just bought the kit mentioned above. I was wondering how can I split the output for each camera. It seems the pipeline for /dev/cam0 will display the four cameras at the same time. Is there a way to record, display and trigger each camera individually?



At present, the 9281+camaray hat we released supports four working modes: one/two in one/three in one/four in one by setting the register.

Hi can you be more specific about modifying the register?


Hi bin,

Thank you for your reply. Let me see if I can rephrase my question, as I don’t think we are talking about the same issue.

Suppose that you want to capture an image per each of the four cameras, or suppose that you want to open each of the four streams on individual windows, or record the video from each camera separately.

What I want to do with this hat is to be able to take pictures with each camera and save them separately. Is that something that can be done without further customisation on your end?


Hello maykef,

You are welcome. I have got what you said. The image from hat out port is 4-1 image and you can’t take pictures with each camera. We are updating our firmware and user guide document for users.


Hey Ivbin,

i have same problem now is it updated yet ? I have Camarray – Arducam 1MP Quadrascopic model and i need to stream each camera separately in ROS. Is it possible already to access each stream separately since i need to create two stereo setups out of 4 cameras. I am using RPi4


It does not support stream each camera separately.

  1. So how is it then possible to make 3D reconstruction or Depth-related vision applications ?
    I need to calibrate extrinsic parameters and use this 4 cameras as 2 stereo setups.

  2. What about using V4L2 framework ? is it possible to receive 4 separate streams ?

Hi erikkocky,
Sorry to tell you that, the 1MP4 Quadrascopic Camera Bundle Kit does not support 2 stereo setup mode. Would you like to tell me which platform you wan to use on? We have 1MP2 camera board, maybe it is what you need. Camarray – Arducam 1MP*2 Stereo Camera MIPI Module - Arducam


since on all of the distributors web pages says that this 4 cameras setup can be used for either 3D reconstruction or Depth-related vision applications I assumed that this is possible so i bought this setup.

I am using RPi4 platform. I need to work with stereo setup because I need to detect objects and extract velocity of the object.

Are you sure that is is not possible to separate streams with other frameworks ? Is it possible to send you camera back (UCTRONICS) and change it for stereo setup where I can separate streams ? What is your advice which stereo setup is the best.


Sorry for that instruction mislead you. I will inform them to modify the description.
I am sure, because the firmware will output 4-1 image and not support 2-1 and 3-1 mode.
Of course you can send your camera back and replace another one. I think this version board is what you need.