Arducam 1820HS


I bought an Arducam 1820HS and I would like to use it with my Raspberry 3B+. In my project I will also use a custom lenses system, so I have to substitute the standard lens with mine. My first question is:

Microlenses on the sensor. If my custom lenses system does not match the CRA of the microlenses how can I adjust the crosstalk phenomenon via firmware programming?

I would like to control the camera through the MIPI CSI interface (not using a USB shield). Can you provide a library for python programming? For example the Raspberry Pi Camera V2 has several APIs for Python control

Thanks in advance for the reply.



Sorry for my late reply because of our Chinese New Year’s holiday.

Different lens have different lens shading, due to the sensor does not have hardware ISP. So

It is not easy to fix the lens shading problem. We are working on it.

About the python API. We have Python API, you can get it from

Let me know if you need more help.