ArduCAM_108MP - USB camery buffer create error


I am using the ArduCam USB Camera Demo with the 108mp-usb-3-camera-evaluation-kit

The operation of the camer with the configuration ArduCAM_108MP_MIPI_2Lane_RAW8_4000x3000_12fps.cfg works fine, but I receive a USB camera buffer create error as soon as I switch to the config ArduCAM_108MP_MIPI_2Lane_RAW8_12000x9000_1.4fps.cfg.

The setup is currently running on a Windows machine.

Are there some adoptions in heap size necessary? Can you help me on that?


Maybe you can try the latest Upper software and config file.

Thank you Dion. The new software with the “old” calibration file solved my problem.

No thanks.
Feel free to contact us if you have any problems.