AR1820 Supported features (EIS)


Our company is testing the AR1820 18MP MIPI camera with Raspberry Pi 4. We are most interested in the EIS feature mentioned in the product description. Is this feature supported by SDK currently and if so, how to enable it?

I’m still having some issues with the video quality. After settings colors and gain, the picture starts to be good, but still some static grains in the image. Almost looking like dead pixel or dirt on the lense/sensor. Need to investigate more and try the raw yuv capture with our own mmal interface implementation.

Also, is there datasheet available for the sensor for all the possible registers and their values as I didn’t find them documented anywhere. Or are there any meaningful outside of the ones in the sdk demo applications?


I’m sorry to reply you so late. I’ve been really busy recently.

The EIS feature is the sensor comes with, the effect is not very good.

About the datasheet, you can contact our [email protected] for requirement.