AR0135 Camera change resolution in "AR0135_1280x964_8bit_C.json"

I am using AR0135 global shutter camera to image biological processes and for compatibility, the resolution needs to be set to 256x256.

There are other settings I need to set such as gains, exposure and ISO. There is some information at this page-
But there is nowhere I can find how to change the resolution. Is there a comprehensive guide and SDK reference that I can follow?

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In order to change the resolution, you have to refer to the AR0134/AR0135 register reference document to change the output size of the image and using binning / skipping or cropping to reduce the image size. Then compose a new configuration file then load into the SDK to initialize the camera module.

More information please read:

AR0135 Demo Settings



Hi, I have gone through the file you attached and several other config files that are in the camera shield. I am very lost about how to do it. We have put a hold on buying other Arducam cameras because of such programming problems with the sensor.

In the Demo settings you attached, I found following section-

[============= Resolution and Frame Rate =============]
[1280x960 54fps]
FIELD_WR= Y_ADDR_START, 0x0000 // REG= 0x3002, 0x0000
FIELD_WR= X_ADDR_START, 0x0000 // REG= 0x3004, 0x0000
FIELD_WR= Y_ADDR_END, 0x03BF // REG= 0x3006, 0x03BF
FIELD_WR= X_ADDR_END, 0x04FF // REG= 0x3008, 0x04FF
FIELD_WR= FRAME_LENGTH_LINES, 0x03E5 // REG= 0x300A, 0x03E5
FIELD_WR= LINE_LENGTH_PCK, 0x056C // REG= 0x300C, 0x056C
FIELD_WR= COARSE_INTEGRATION_TIME, 0x0064 // REG= 0x3012, 0x0064
FIELD_WR= X_ODD_INC, 0x0001 // REG= 0x30A2, 0x0001
FIELD_WR= Y_ODD_INC, 0x0001 // REG= 0x30A6, 0x0001
FIELD_WR= READ_MODE, 0x0000 // REG= 0x3040, 0x0000

Are these all the settings that need to be done to set resolution at 1280x960 and frame rate at 54fps?

How do I know the values needed for me to set the resolution at 256x256 and/or frame rate at 30fps?

Please put me in touch with a technician or some other resource.
Help is highly appreciated.



This is Bin from Arducam support team.

About how to set the resolution and frame speed, I think I can talk something with you.

For one sensor, if we want to configure a special resolution, those points we must to do

Please see the image I attached for you.

I ’ll use an 8 megabyte sensor as an example

From above image, firstly we should set the start address and end address. If you want to get the biggest FOV, you’d better set the biggest size of the sensor.

Secondly, we should set the outsize, which is the resolution the sensor will out.

Then, in order to adjust the resolution, we should set the line length and frame length.

Then the next is the time of exposure.

If anything is normal, you will get the resolution you set. About the frame speed, many factors will influence it, such as exposure time (COARSE_INTEGRATION_TIME) , line length and frame length. the smallest time unit is the pix clock, if you set the pclk higher, it also will increase the frame speed. But it is not very easy. I advise you set the line length. You can try to reduce the line length to increase the frame speed.