AR0134: adjust gain before exposure

Problem: AR0134 module is used to stream the video where lighting conditions change. The module is operating in auto exposure mode, with exposure time and analog gain adjusted automatically (0x3102=0x0003). When the frame is getting darker, AR0134 first adjust the exposure time until it reaches the maximum, and only after that changes the analog gain. Similarly when the frame is getting light: gain is reduced first, and only once the gain reaches minimum the exposure time decreases.

What I would like to set up is for the module to either change the analog gain first, or to change the gain concurrently with the exposure, but I am not sure how to do this and if it is at all possible.

My configuration file:


“camera_parameter” : {










“board_parameter” : [


“board_parameter_dev2” : [




“board_parameter_dev3_inf2” : [




“board_parameter_dev3_inf3” : [




“register_parameter” : [
























“register_parameter_dev3_inf2” : [



“register_parameter_dev3_inf3” : [





Sorry for my late reply. This is the characteristic of the sensor, we can’t change it at present