Advise for stereo vision set up

Good afternoon!

I am looking into cameras that have the capability for me to extract real-time depth information as well as store the frames and depth information in a compressed format.

I currently use a combination of a basic pi camera and a realsense for depth detecting, but the realsense color camera cannot compress sufficient to store videos hense the use of the pi camera.
I am hoping to find a arducam replacement for these devices in my experiment, but I am new to this technology and I am not sure how to properly assess which one has the appropriate real-time and compression capilibities?
Can anyone send suggestions on the appropriate set up and arducam? Tutorials on this topic would also be appreciated.

I was looking into the fixed board arducam and noticed that many of them have also been discontinued which I am not sure why, but I am looking for a technology that is going to be supported long term.
Thank you!

According to your decription, I susgest that you can take a look at tof camera. However, with this camera, we can not store the frames and depth information in a compressed format.

Thanks! Do you offer any cameras that be store frames as a compressed .h264 file?

Please check the link below:

Thanks! I found a device on the link I am interested, but I cannot find any compression information on the listing

You can contact [email protected] for the further information.