Adapter board for Synchronized Stereo Bundle for Nano

I recently purchased the “Arducam 5MP Synchronized Stereo Camera Bundle Kit for Raspberry Pi” with the intent to use with jetson nano.

in the video for using it with the nano, I see an extra adapter board, which unfortunately me for me is now visible on the UCtronics website [here] i see a kit specifically for the Nano, which includes this adapter board:

Is this board required? i wish i new i needed it before purchasing the kit for the PI.

I went and read up on the pinouts, and It’s not clear to me what the function of this board is, since it looks like it’s just a pass through adapter. What is it doing?

Can someone explain, and how can i get this board?


-Constructive Realities



Please Contact our [email protected] to get more details.

Ok I will, but it might also be helpful to explain or link to what the adapter board does. It’s not entirely obvious. I have a number of pi v2 camera that work with the 15 pin flex on the nano and i would guess that the sync board would be no different.


Or perhaps it could be added information to the reference page that explains the pi cables and connectors.


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