8MP Sync Stereo HAT with Rasp4 not stable


I bought the bundle kit a while ago and sarted to work with it.

After some trying i got the complete stereo depth demo running, but after some time (about 5-10minutes) the cameras do not respond any more I always get a NULL pointer access.

e.g. output from script 1_test.py:

The stereo hat firmware version: 2.5 2019/11/8
Current mode: 9,resolution: 3840x1080
NULL pointer access


After testing for a morning, no problem was found, please check whether the hardware wiring is stable.

Let me know if you need more help.


Hi bin,

I already changed the power supply for the HAT. I now use the USB with 5V directly from power supply. The i2c wiring is external accordingly.

I think it a bit better this way, but still after some time I get the null pointer access. Then the red 3,3V power LED is still on.

Im trying to provide a better error description, but i cannot tell you clearly when the sensor gets off.

BTW what does the gree LED near the red one try to tell me? Its occasionally on, I did not find a pattern yet…



The green led means the data from sensor to stereo hat is not stable.

Please attach me your hardware connection and I will help you check it in detail.