64mp Pi Hawk-Eye: Lens removable?


I am looking for a high resolution pi camera module.

However i need an interchangeable, or at least removable lens. I want to put a microscope objective [https://publiclab.org/notes/partsandcrafts/02-15-2018/2-attaching-your-raspberry-pi-camera-to-a-microscope-objective-lens] (comparable to this) on the camera module

Is it possible to do that with the new 64mp Pi Hawk-Eye?


Unfortunately, the lens of the current version of the 64mp Pi Hawk-Eye does not support replacement.
I’m not sure yet if there will be a 64mp with interchangeable lenses in the future

Ok, I understand that it is not replaceable. But is it removable? (I do not care if there is no other lens mountable, I just need the “naked” sensor without added optics)

Sorry, the current version of the lens is not removable, the lens and sensor are one piece.