64MP Hawkeye overlaping TOF image (different PoV?)

Hello, I have 1 camera 64MP Hawkeye and 1 ToF camera. As per my understanding, both have a PoV 70º.

I put the two of them in the same place, oriented to the same group of objects. My idea is to get the shapes with the ToF, and then, apply a mask in the 64MP. (obviously scaling the ToF image to the size of 64MP and maybe including some offset).

Nevertheless, when I am scaling, the objects doesn’t match at all. First thing i though about is that cameras do have different focal length but if the PoV is the same… I tought this was not possible. I wanted to confirm if I am understanding the specifications of the cameras right and if you had this case in the past and you know any work around (like modifiying camera settings at the beginning, some post processing in cv2, etc).

Kind regards and many thanks in advance!

One of our customers has a project similar as yours, may be you can refer to his idea.

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