64MP cam Raspberry support

I recently ordered the new 64MP cam module and just noticed that there is a 16MP limit on the resolution if you use anything other than a Pi4.
As I saw on another post the Pi3 with 1gb of memory doesnt work with the full resolution either so I wanted to ask: what the bottleneck is with that setup?
The camera port seems in the datasheet like it was the same btw

The biggest obstacle is the cma memory, 64mp resolution requires a lot of cma memory, and it is impossible to allocate enough memory on devices with smaller memory, the Pi3B 1GB version is very unstable, even if the cma is set to 512, there is a great possibility memory allocation failed.

So If they got the firmware for other development boards like they promised and these boards have 4gb of ram and a camera connector it will work?

I’m not sure what other boards you are talking about, currently we tested the Pi4 with more than 1GB of memory, we set the cma to 512MB, and it works fine.

thinking of boards like the Banana Pi which would have a cam port and over 1 gig of ram (i think 2gb)

I’m not very sure about this. I don’t know other development boards very well. There may be many factors in determining the maximum resolution that can be supported.
For example: MIPI-CSI receivers, MIPI-CSI drivers, CMA memory, etc. may have an impact, and we currently have no plans to support other development boards (but our drivers will be open source)