5MP Plus OV5642 mini module on Arduino Mega not working

  1. Where did you get the camera module(s)?
    I have just received my Mini Arducam module 5M OV5642 Plus (B0068, UC-367 Rev. F) from Uctronics.

  2. Model number of the product(s)?
    Arducam 5MP Plus OV5642 Mini Module Camera Shield SPI Camera Module for Arduino UNO Mega2560 Board & Raspberry Pi Pico
    (B0068, UC-367 Rev. F)

  3. What hardware/platform were you working on?
    Arduino Mega 2560 (at COM3)
    Arduino IDE 1.8.19
    Dell Inspiron 7560, Intel(R) Core™ i7-7500U CPU
    8GB RAM
    Intel(R) HD Graphics 620
    NNVIDIA(R) GeForce(R) 940MX 4GB
    Windows 10 Home Single Language 21H1

  4. Instructions you have followed. (link/manual/etc.)
    Hardware Connection for MEGA2560
    Hardware Connection for MEGA2560 - Arducam

Quick Start Guide

Software Arduino-master.zip expanded to ~\Arduino\libraries

#define OV5642_MINI_5MP_PLUS

The example ArduCAM_Mini_5MP_OV5642_Plus_Functions.ino was uploaded successfuly to the Mega 2560.

  1. Problems you were having?
    It does not show any image.
    The application ArduCAM_Host_V2.exe shows only “COM is open!” when I click “Open”, it does not show: “Arducam start!”, “SPI interface OK.” and " OV5642 detected.".
    When I click “Capture”, it shows only “ArduCAM single”, it does not show “CAM start single shoot.” or “CAM Capture Done”.
    No other window appears whith an image, as in the Arducam Mini Camera Tutorial Video.

I don´t know if the camera is working at all.

  1. The dmesg log from your hardware?
    There is no demseg on Windows 10

  2. Troubleshooting attempts you’ve made?
    I have checked the connections and I have tryed different baudrates.

  3. What help do you need?
    I need help to troubleshoot and try a solution for the problem.

Thank you!

Great to hear SPI interface OK and OV5642 detected. message, which means the bus is normal.
About does not show CAM capture done, are you sure you are using https://github.com/ArduCAM/Arduino/blob/master/ArduCAM/examples/host_app/ArduCAM_Host_V2.0_Windows/ArduCAM_Host_V2.exe
application? What’s more, please ensure the i2c bus and spi bus cable line is shorter in order to make sure the signal is stable.

Thank you for your answer.

I think I din´t make myself clear. The application ArduCAM_Host_V2.exe shows only “COM is open!” when I click “Open”. It does not show “Arducam start!”, nor “SPI interface OK.” nor " OV5642 detected.".

When I click “Capture”, it shows only “ArduCAM single”. It does not show “CAM start single shoot.” nor “CAM Capture Done”.

I´ve got an Arduino Uno, I have the ArduCAM_Mini_5MP_OV5642_Plus_Functions.ino uploaded, i have the ArduCAM_Mini_5MP_OV5642_Plus connected to it and it worked with the ArduCAM_Host_V2.exe.
I´ll try to find out why it did not work with my rduino Mega 2560.
Thank you!

The mainly difference between UNO and 2560 is the SPI signal. Please ensure the spi signal connection is right.