4 Channel board for only 2 camera, trying to increase fps

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Multi camera v2.2 adapter raspberry pi
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Raspberry pi 3b+
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Github link
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I got this board for a project, it works great, but the performance are bellow what is needed, so i am trying to rewrite a program to increase fps at a resolution of 640x480. But no matter what i am trying i cant get more than 7 fps with good image.

I only need 2 cameras.

I was wondering if it was even possible to get better performance ? Because it seems like the card is the bottleneck ( the switching time )

I have tried to multithread the program and to change the periode of time between each event.

Thank you for your reply,
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This has something to do with our hardware design. Because it is always out of sync, we cannot accurately determine the frame end signal of each frame of image. We use the method of reading three frames continuously to avoid reading errors, which means that the frame rate will be lost.