2MP OV2311 stereo not detected on rpi 4b running linux 5.4


  • Arducam OV2311 Stereo Camera
  • Raspberry Pi with Rasberry Pi OS and Linux kernel 5.4.81-v7l+ (I compiled the kernel on the rpi from rpi/linux_kernel)


Followed this: OV2311 Stereo Camera on RPi Tutorial - Arducam

install_drivers.sh doesn’t go through because a folder with that kernel name isn’t there (it reads from $(uname -r))
I did a cp -r 5.4.51-v7l+ $(uname -r) to make install_drivers.sh work.
Upon rebooting there are no error messages, but camera is not detected in /dev/video0

hi, @macavitycode

The driver was not installed successfully, maybe your system is too old and not supported at present.

You can update to the latest Raspberry Pi system.