16MP IMX519 Autofocus with picamera2/libcamera in Python is Slow


Is there any update on a faster autofocus algorithm? The Rpi v3 autofocus is very fast and smooth. The 16mp Arducam IMX519 autofocus is very slow, repeats itself many times and is very jerky when watched in a preview window.

I am using the aducam libcamera branch 0.0.12


Coming soon. Has entered the testing phase.

Your last response was on March 5th and it is now April 26th. Are you still testing or is there an update? Your 16mp camera autofocus’ 6-10 seconds slower than the 12mp camera from Rpi.

I am guessing my answer lies here:
IMX519 PDAF Release - Raspberry Pi Cameras - Arducam Camera Support Forum


Yes, I’m sorry, because there are many users concerned, I didn’t reply to each one, so I created a sticky post.